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Recently the Napotnik Welding Supplies Team decided to put our Streamlight Strion Flashlight to the test to see if it was really as good as Streamlight claimed to be.

Streamlight boasts that “Heroes Trust Streamlight”. Our team decided to put that to the test in 3 different ways… using the power of fire, water and the force of gravity. How did the Streamlight Strion hold up to our review?

First the Fire Test.

Many would agree that “Heroes” would include first responders such as firefighters. Obviously firefighters are placed in hot conditions… That goes without saying. So our team decided to expose the Strion to the heat of a fire. But not just any fire.

Being welders, our team used Acetylene torches, up to temperatures of 650 degrees. And we doubled them up to increase exposure. How did the flashlight handle the test?


Behold the Power of Water

Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature. And the power of water turning to ice has the ability to heave home foundations, sink ships, and of course, cause damage. Our Streamlight Flashlight Review would be incomplete without a complete freezing test.

Our team submerged the Streamlight Strion halfway in a pot of boiling water, and then left it out in the cold Pennsylvania February night. The flashlights head was completely submerged. The handle was left out so as to be able to access the button to see if the flashlight would shine through soil ice.

Could Streamlight Beat Gravity? 

Walking around in the dark, chances are your going to eventually trip and fall… (unless your path is lighted by a Streamlight Strion, they are so bright you could see any obstacle in your way)

Falling no doubt would lead to dropping your flashlight. Could the Streamlight be fall proof?

Sure, from waist height. We wanted to see if it could survive a 3 story fall, on to solid concrete. No human is likely to survive a fall like this, however, we wanted to know if a flashlight could. Up into the scissor lift went the Strion. We attached a Go Pro Camera to the flashlight on a few of the falls to record the drop, and also dropped it on its own a few different times.


Our Streamlight Flashlight Review was complete. Fire, water, and gravity, all proved to be unable to destroy the Strion. Heroes can really trust Streamlight.

It was interesting to us to note, the drop test only cracked the flashlight once the Go Pro Camera was attached. We believe the only reason the crack formed from that fall was because the added weight of the Go Pro caused the Streamlight to fall with more force than it was built to handle. The flashlight dropped on its own survived every fall.

The Streamlight Strion is an awesome flashlight. It can survive our gauntlet, and no doubt, yours too. Buy your own Streamlight Strion, or any other of their flashlights, at Napotnik Welding Supplies!