Welder’s unlikely invention leads to a growing business

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This is what happens when a welder decides to ditch a carpenter’s tool THE WELDER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 BY: CRAIG GUILLOT Welder Jason Marburger couldn’t really understand why he was using a squaring frame, just like a carpenter, as he worked on projects over the years. One day he decided to design a better tool. Today the welder … Read More

December 2016 News

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Working as a fabricator, have you used stick welding? A process that has been around since the 1890’s,  stick welding is still relative in today’s manufacturing needs. Read more in this article by Dwight Myers and Jay Ginder from the September 2016 issue of The Fabricator, “5 Things you need to know about modern stick welding.”